'Dye'namic Infusion

Looking for a truly unique gift?  Consider transforming that special photo into an ornament or a ceramic tile fixed into a beautiful wooden box.  It's possible with Dyenamic Infusion!

Dyenamic Infusion is a process in which we transfer a photo or artwork directly to glass or ceramic.  As the name implies, the picture is infused into the specially coated glass using a heat press and becomes permanent.  It is not a decal and will not peel or scratch off.

The tiles are available in various sizes and prices to suit your needs.  They can be put onto a wooden box, worked into a stained glass piece, framed, used as a coaster, trivet, or cutting board.  We have ornaments in different shapes such as hearts and stars.  Also pendants.  We can customize the photos with text or framed effects.

What a fun and special gift this makes!  Great for reunions, births, weddings, graduations, anniversaries or on a holiday tree.  The possibilities are endless!

Options And Pricing

Tile Ceramic:
2 X 2” -- $16.00
4.25 X 4.25” -- $18.00
6 X 6” -- $21.50
6 X 8” -- $24.00

Tile Glass Frosted:
4.25 X 4.25” -- $26.00
6 X 6” -- $27.00
6 X 8” -- $28.00

Tile Glass White-Backed
2 X 2” -- $17.50
4.25 X 4.25” -- $27.00
6 X 6” -- $29.50
6 X 8” -- $30.00
12 X 12” -- $32.00

Wood Boxes*
2 X 2” Mahogany -- $8.95
4.25 X 4.25” Rosewood -- $15.95
6 X 6” Mahogany -- $16.95
6 X 8” Mahogany -- $19.95

Star -- $17.00
Heart (Small) -- $16.00
Heart (Large) -- $17.00
Circle (3”) -- $20.00

Jewelry Pieces
$20-$22 each (teardrop, oval, rectangle: small/large)

*Tiles and boxes priced separately

Additional Info

All work is done in our studio.  Turnaround time is dependent upon time of year and how busy we are.  During the holiday season, we ask for 1-2 weeks lead time.

Please contact us or drop by our shop if you're interested in creating a Dyenamic Infusion keepsake!

Dyenamic Infusion

Dyenamic Infusion

Dyenamic Infusion


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'Dye'namic Infusion™

Dyenamic InfusionSee how this amazing process combines modern imagery and traditional glass to create a unique and custom gift.

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