Legend Of The Sassafras Moon

Sassafras MoonLong, long ago, when people were exceptionally attuned to nature for signs to guide them through their daily lives, the legend of the sassafras moon was born.  The natives noted that once in a while the moon glowed a golden orange that lasted well past the moonrise into the night.  This blush of the moon triggered these observant natives to compare this moon to the uniqueness of the sassafras tree.  The sassafras is the only tree with three different shapes of leaves, which turn golden in the fall before turning crimson after the first frost.  When the root is steeped for tea the water turns a golden orange, mimicking the colors of this beautiful wood.  This is why the natives decided to call a moon of this color a 'sassafras moon'.

One such moonlit night, artists and crafters visualized their best creations. Each piece completed seemed more stunning than ever before.  Inspiration roamed freely as many new ideas were born on these nights.  It was a very magical time, and the artisans could be seen working very late, crafting their finest pieces.

People journeyed for miles to seek out this art.  The magnificent pieces were collected in a magical place so the travelers could more easily choose from all the fine and beautiful handiwork.  Everyone could tell that these extraordinary works were created during the inspiration of a sassafras moon.


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